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Hi there friends!

There are a lot of web-sites dedicated to rest on a sea. You can plan your holiday at the million of fancy places. Our mission is to meet you with opportunity to spend your vacation in the most interesting part of Black Sea… In Crimea. We will share with you our own experience of voyage along this wonderful place.

Crimea. Medved Hill

Actually a lot of coastal provinces and cities can be more attractive by first opinion. Rest in Turkey, rest in Egypt or rest in Bulgaria can be greatly interesting with better quality of services. But it will be true only if you don’t know when a good time for visit of Crimea. And of course it is important to make a correct accommodation choice. If you’ll come in good place and in good time you’ll be delighted by Black Sea even more than by Mediterranean or Red Sea.

There are a lot of beautiful places and every time it is possible to find something new. One of the main advantages is that it possible to do free of charge. If you’ll follow our advices you’ll able to save money and don’t use expensive excursions. But we must admit it difficult at season because

Crimea. Sudack.

at season only lazy-bones do not try to earn money from tourists and travelers. But actually it is possible. You just don’t have to hurry agree with first proposals. You should look around. Very often more modest people who will give you more advantage and acceptable conditions for the same services are situated some distance away from active barker. Find them and you’ll be surprised by pretty difference from first price and final.

If you prefer accommodation in private sector (not in hotels) do not hasten to appeal to people on bus stop or railway stations. In the most of the cases they are agents, not owners. You don’t need middleman, isn’t it? A lot of owners show the advertisement on their houses which they want to grant on rent. Do not hesitate to haggle with owners. They will able to abate a price. With hotel some easier. But it is more expensive as usual.

We’ll tell about Crimea private sector on page Private sector with more detail but here we’ll continue to praise Crimea for its advantages and criticize for disadvantages. By the way… Probably the main disadvantage of Crimean peninsula it is an incredible number of people at July and August and 90 percents of them do not speak English.

Crimea. Tarkhankut cape.

We prefer to visit Crimea at September. We use this opportunity until our kid is not a schoolboy. Our advice for you - do the same if possible. If it is not necessary to take a vacation at summer take it at September. At Crimea in this time as before are warmly and sunny. The water in Black Sea is pleasant as well. And what important at September you’ll not find a crowd in Crimea. Moreover you’ll find decreased prices for accommodation and services at autumn.

Don’t trust us? Ok. Let’s make a little experiment. We’ll take one beach and make a picture there first time at August and then at September. Upload these photos on site and compare.

beach at August

Crimea. August
beach at September

Crimea. September.

How can you spend your vacation in Crimea?

If you don’t want only lie down under sun for hours and catch a suntan you can pay your attention to kinds of sport available in Crimea. We’ll omit yachtsmen because they are professionals and know all necessary information without us. But we are amateurs and we can try to find here less difficult sport. For example wave runner walks, diving or windsurfing. It is no problem to find a wave runner near any beach. But be careful in time of drive. Do not ride near swimmers. It is danger for them. As for us, we prefer diving. So we can give you some more detail about it.

Windsurfing in Crimea
Diving in Crimea
Wave runner walks in Crimea

Please click any picture above and get some hidden photos.

Diving and snorkeling in Crimea

It is not so easy to find an active dive center in Crimea. Why? Because active season here is too little. Practically two month. If you remember it is July and August. And life on peninsula is

Crimean divers

freezing after September. It is difficult conditions for diving centers, they have to survive but not all can do it. Therefore we can find a web-page but nobody will answer by phone. If you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian you can meet a problem with search. On our page links we give a link to one Five Star PADI Dive Center which we have found. We have checked them and they work not bad. So we can recommend them. Furthermore we have found one military air-unit where possible to fill up tanks. Contact us by E-mail or Forum for details.

If you have never dived with a scuba we advice you complete first level of education at home. In accordance to PADI regulation firstly you have to try diving in a swimming-pool or other closed water with qualified instructor. And it would be correct if instructor will speak on you native language. We doubt you will find English-speaking diver in Crimea.

Of course nobody who will able to understand you will not refuse to be your guide but are you sure you want to get first underwater experience in foreign country without full understanding of diving process?

Skate Fox in Crimea

Unfortunately diving in Black Sea is not so interesting against Red Sea or even Mediterranean Sea as regards to fauna. Water transparency some worse as well. But because Crimea for a whole history was a subject of military conflicts (Russian-Turkish War, Crimean War, World War II etc) the most interesting here wreck-diving (dives to sunken ships). Of course without guide you’ll not find it, but we can assure you it is very impressive feeling to touch a part of history.

If you don’t wont to get involved with tanks and diving equipment but want to meet Black Sea underwater world buy a standard snorkeling belongings (mask, respiratory tube and flippers). It is not so difficult but positive emotions will be granted.

Snorkeling in Crimea

As Black Sea near the most of beaches is not so deep (about 6 – 12 meters) even without scuba is possible to achieve a seabed. But you have to swim off rather far from the land because all alive and lifeless was exterminated by tourists. Please be wise. Do not touch sea inhabitants, especially if you don’t know what you’ll do with them later. Every year when we or our friends visit Crimea we see that sub water world became poorer.

Sure opportunity for relaxation is not limited by water kinds of sport in Crimea. You can find here ecotourism and eco-fishing, ski trekking and biking, horseback riding and excursions, nature study and paraplane flying, surf and sea walks. You can even try to be a burro jockey and be certificated by this.

Hermit with sea anemone in Crimea

All of these and many other you’ll find in Crimea if you’ll have a wish. But first of all care about accommodation. Especially at summer season when all good places can be booked in advance and you will not able to find worthy apartments if will not worry about it before travel.

Please use a useful links on the right if you want to find up more information about opportunities for your vacation.

And one more time we want to ask. Attend to Crimea. It is really unique region which deserve to be visited. If you will come here you fall in love with Crimea. And you can trust us Crimea will pay to you for your love.

Who we are?


We are the same people as you. We work much and have a little vacation. And we want to get maximum pleasure from this vacation.

Our web-site is noncommercial and we don’t claim to be original. But we hope it will be useful for you.

And what is more in Crimea?

In Crimea is very popular
paraplane flying. Good anabatic winds allow to be on wing for a two hours and more.

Paragliding in Crimea

Moreover it is useful to visit one of many well-known caves.
Without guide they will not permit you to go there. But don’t get upset. Guide will help you to be
on correct way.

Crimean marmoreal cave

If you will go to the cave don’t forget a warm jacket even if on air + 35 degrees

Do you know that...

Not far from Balaklava on depth 84 meters lies English sailing ship
Agnes Blaikie?
This ship was built in 1841!

Steering-wheel Agnes Blaikie

Agnes Blaikie sank in May of 1855 after collision with friendly hydrographic ship. The captain of this ship committed suicide in accordance to honour conception.

Bell Agnes Blaikie

And between Donuzlav lake and Yevpatorian cape on depth 30 meters lies dry cargo ship Volga-Don. It was torpedoed by Soviet submarine in 1943.


Dry cargo ship was occupied by German forces in 1941 and has been used for transportation of military freights. Unfortunately marauders slowly pillage it...

If you want to visit Crimea first time but afraid of vagueness feel free to ask us through the Forum. We’ll try to help you by kind advice.